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Soup Kitchens

Soledad, Venezuela

In Venezuela, 20% of children are at risk of malnutrition and 80% of the households do not have a reliable source of food. 


The Venezuelan crisis is affecting millions of people. Galloping inflation has created an economic free fall that has decimated spending power, employment, and future opportunities. 


With our latest initiative, we are helping children by providing one meal a day for 6 days a week. Today, we are giving more than 90,000 meals a year. We have designed a food plan with the help of a nutritionist to make this meal a meaningful one.


In Soledad, there are 29,000 inhabitants and about 25% of them are under 12 years old. Between 20% and 30% of them have severe malnutrition. 


As part of our program, we are instituting values to these kids, that will help them in the long run.


  • They must arrive on time – Punctuality.

  • They have to sign-in before entering the soup kitchen – Good Manners.

  • They have to wash their hands before getting seated on the table – Respect.

  • They have to give thanks for the food provided before eating – Gratefulness.

  • They have to go to school in order to maintain good standing status – Responsibility.

  • They can’t miss more than 3 days per month – Commitment.

  • They have to eat in the soup kitchen, they can’t take their food home – Community.

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