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Youth Leadership Program

Soledad, Venezuela

In 2011 we launched our youth leadership program in Soledad, a small city in Venezuela located in the south of the state of Anzoategui, next to the Orinoco River. We focused our efforts in giving teenagers the necessary tools to develop the aptitudes and knowledge necessary to make the right decisions in terms of their lives, families, communities, country and the world.


Our program’s objective was to strengthen their capacities and develop their leadership skills. Today we have formed over 900 young boys and girls, giving them tools for personal competence, self assessment, communication and motivation to succeed and to create life projects.


We have trained 20 local facilitators and 130 high-school seniors that continue to help spread the foundation of the program. 


Some of these young boys and girls, are the ones leading today our community and are actively participating in Degania’s Foundation’s initiatives.

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